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Lash extensions

Time to pump up the volume. Let’s get your lashes on!

Lucky for you, Allure Lash and Beauty Bar are Albury/Wodonga’s leading lash specialists, and our team have been trained by international experts. We’re certified Damage-Free and we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality experience.


Our salon is all about lash design and style—and we’re known for amazing results! You’ll instantly fall in love with your new lashes, and wonder why you waited so long to get them.


To achieve consistently beautiful and natural looking lash extensions, we customise a look completely individual to your face and eye shape. 

Our exclusive lash design principles emulate naturally full lashes and are long-lasting. Using these principles, which incorporate application, length, curvature, thickness and eye shape, we create a look that’s right for you.


At Allure Lash and Beauty Bar, your lash health always comes first. Our lash stylists will carefully apply each extension, adhering to our Damage-Free lash certification. We give you beautiful lashes without compromising your natural lashes.

Available in two techniques: classic and volume (volume lashes are also known as Russian volume and/or 3D lashes).


Volume Lash Extensions

When you want lashes that stop traffic, we recommend Volume lash extensions. 

Anywhere between 2-6 superfine and lightweight lash extensions are attached to one of your natural lashes at a time, creating maximum volume. They are softer, and much fuller than classic extensions.  

NOTE: The level of volume (3D, 4D etc) will be discussed in your consultation.


Natural Volume Full Set - 2D-3D

200+ ultra fine lashes per eye, allow up to 2 hours - $180


Glamour Volume Full Set - 4D+ (maximum volume and thickness)

Anywhere between 200 – 600 ultra fine lashes per eye, allow 2.5 hours - $255


Volume Refills

Small refill (touch up only) 40 minutes - $72

Medium refill 60 minutes - $98

Medium+ refill 70 minutes - $114

Large refill 90 minutes - $147

4+ weeks - new set needed

Hybrid Lash Extensions

When you want an eye-catching lash look that’s somewhere in between, we’ve got the Hybrid look: a mixture of volume and classic lashes. Results in a slightly fuller set than Classic lashes alone.

Hybrid Full Set

Allow up to 1.75 hours - $164.00

Hybrid Refill

Small refill (touch up only) 40 minutes - $72

Medium refill 60 minutes - $98

Medium+ refill 70 minutes - $114

Large refill 90 minutes - $147

4+ weeks - new set needed

Classic Lash Extensions

Make them wonder how you got so lucky to have such fabulous lashes! 
With Classic lashes, one single lash extension is attached to one of your natural lashes, which adds length, curl and volume. 


Natural Full Set

Allow 60 minutes, 50-60 lashes per eye - $110.00


Classic Full Set

Allow 90 minutes, 80-90 lashes per eye - $147.00


Classic Refills

Mini refill (touch up only) - $56

Small refill 40 minutes - $70

Medium refill 60 minutes - $96

Medium+ refill 70 minutes - $114


4+ weeks - new set required

Lash Extension Removal

Remember, your lash health is our number one priority. That’s why we use a gentle cream remover that won’t damage your natural lashes.

Allow 30-45 mins - $48.00

If booked with a new full set - $FREE

Important info:

  • At Allure, we practice damage-free lash extensions. We have years of experience, and pride ourselves on our consistent high standard of work.

  • You must have at least 50% of your lashes remaining to be classed as a refill. Refills include a lash cleanse, lash preparation and application of new lashes.

  • On the day of your appointment, please ensure that you have removed all eye makeup with an oil-free eye makeup remover. If we need to remove your makeup for you, this will cut into your lash application time. We would rather spend your appointment working on perfecting your lashes, than removing your makeup!

  • We do not refill work from other salons. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss. NOTE: We will remove lashes applied elsewhere for FREE, if booked in conjunction with any full set.


The lash experience